Muslim American Heritage Month

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“Muslim American Heritage Month” recognizes and celebrates the contributions made by Muslims to the fabric of society in the United States, Georgia, & around the Globe.

These contributions are in various fields such as philanthropy, sciences, medicine, business, technology, arts & culture, academia, and much more. This recognition is vital to promoting diversity and inclusion in our communities to encourage more contributions.

Did you know?

The largely Muslim kingdom of Morocco, incidentally, was the first country to recognise the US. In 1786, the two countries signed a treaty of peace and friendship that is still in effect today, the longest unbroken treaty of its kind in US history.

News & Events

VOICES of MUSLIMS: Delegation to DC

VOICES of MUSLIMS: Delegation to DC

Voices of Muslims is inviting members of the Georgia Muslim American community to register for the USCMO 8th annual National Muslim Congressional Advocacy Week – this year resuming in-person – taking place Monday-Wednesday, June 12th - June 14th at the...

Voices of Muslims - Diverse group of Americans